Chill in the air

 Morning all, how are you?

There is and has been a definite nip in the air for the past week. It's very chilly here today with a North wind blowing.
Our house is situated with the sun hitting it first thing in the morning and going around it all day and sunset hits my dining room. Keeps the house warm even on nippy days. It's not very often we get the wind howling around us. The only time we get the wind is if it blows east to west or west to east. We are lucky to have double glazing but it is not that good and you can definitely feel the cold near the window.
Time to put my door curtain on the back door i think, i closed the front door curtain last night always makes my hallway that much warmer. I have 2 curtains sewn in to each other to give a double layer. This  keeps the cold out and makes my precious heating stay inside rather than disappearing out the front door.
After many years of buying curtains that i had to line myself i finally had enough money to buy the thick thermal lined blackout curtains i currently have. It took time as i did all the windows with these. And wow they work so well. I also have blackout thermal blinds. Trying to keep the chill out and the heat in was a never ending battle and i think i am  now on the winning side. 
It took us a long time to get these things to help with the chill but i am so glad we did.
I am making little draft excluders for doors because no matter what the council say my front door and back door do not seal properly. You can actually see daylight down one side and if you put your hand there you can feel the breeze coming through. I have brought this to their attention a few times and nothing is ever done. So draft excluder strip is being putting in and also the thick homemade draft  excluder for the bottom.
I have seen lots of hints and tips to make your home warmer including putting silver foil behind the radiators, does this actually work?
I saw another that suggested you switch on the light on your electric fire to give the room a warm glow making you feel warmer, does this work..i think it does as i do this and instantly it transforms my room into a lovely looking cozy spot. Is that my brain tricking me or is it real? Let me know if it works for you.
Maintaining the radiators makes sure they all work well. My husband balances and bleeds them so when we do have the heating on they all chuck out the heat properly and none are left cold which is annoying.
I have bought myself and the girls some lovely thick velour lounge suits. That always makes me laugh. Worth the money definitely and i would recommend  them to  anyone buying them to keep warm.
Slippers are out and thick socks ready to go. Closing up early and popping on lamps is a habit i love.

Onto to warming food..i love chunky soups and also my homemade soups. I make Carrot and Potato soup and Leek and Potato. Gosh they are thick and go down well at tea times with some thick bread. Shepards pie and Toad in the hole are winners as well.

Porridge for breakfast with honey or fruit. Love scrambled eggs and toast as well. I think having a nice warm meal is a luxury and one i appreciate.
My slow cookers are now being put to use..i did chicken and veg with a nice thick gravy. And a Rice pudding in the other one. Delicious.

As a family we are all doing our best to combat the rising energy prices and also being more considerate of door closing and switching everything off totally. We do it anyway but now if you leave the room and aren't coming back for a little while, well then switch it off.

We have hot water bottles and thick throws for the sofa and also the beds. Keeping warm is vital and we don't really want to put the heating on unless we have to.
Anyone else have a tip for keeping the house warm all are welcome.
take care


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