Blimey, what's next ??

 Hello all, how are you?

What a low blow this is. I have been at my Dental Practice for over 30 years. My actual dentist retired last year and i was transferred to another new dentist. Lovely man and very very patient with me. He has cancelled on me twice and moved my appointments around Willy Nilly. Still, he is apologetic and good at his job. Today i received notice that he is moving away from N.H.S work and will no longer be able to treat me unless i sign up and pay a monthly fee of £20.83 a month. I cannot transfer to another dentist as they are full of N.H.S patients and have no room. So, unless i pay i have no dentist. It's a little unfair in the circumstances but i do need a dentist. I have rung another practice in town to see if i can go with them but no luck.  Our finances are stretched as it is without this adding on top of it. 

I keep thinking what next???
take care all


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