I have been waiting for these..

 Hello everyone.

I refuse to eat Tomatoes and Cucumbers from the supermarkets. I will not buy them as i think they taste bland and the Cucumber gives me indigestion. Plus with the bloody prices going i will never ever buy them.

I did a little mini harvest from the garden this morning and i am delighted to say that ours taste of actual tomato and the cucumber is divine, no indigestion.

I can't wait for tea time..a little salad with all our home grown veggies is the best.
I also made some Goulash and froze a few portions for later, i am the only one who eats it so i buy yellow sticker beef and make a huge pot for next to nothing.
Now on to a mystery..as you know hubby redid the entire pond and covered it over so the Heron cannot get at the fish..it totally covered over and you have to take pegs out the ground to open it up to feed them.
I am still puzzled as to how a Wood Pigeon got in it and spent a good 30 minutes scrambling around to get out..they are not the smartest are really but this one is a frikkin genius..how he did it i will never know but i had to open it up wide and leave him to his own devices to get out.
There he is on the inside

I pegged it wide open him with bulldog clips..it was all i could find to hold it up.
Fern and i went out and came home and he was gone thankfully. No sign of him and i did check the bottom of the pond to make sure.

I was feeling creative the other day and made this..

Its a washed out Tuna tin with diamante strip from my craft stash glued to the sides. Its just perfect for my little plant.

Ok thats all for now and i will be back with a question for you all?
take care


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