C'mon..did we really think it would be any different..

 Hello everyone..how are you?

Well apparently today our PM had a meeting with the bosses of all the energy providers to try and work out something to help us little people with our ever rising bills.

Seems it was a Nope all round.

Still it was nice of them to turn up.

Long as the profits keep rolling in and the fat cats get fatter who gives a sh*t about us.



  1. This is what happened here in my province as well. Even though they made a profit over the last year both electrical and natural gas, they didn't make enough according to them.

    God bless.

  2. Always the way, isn't it? xx

  3. I've been paying Shell Energy £90 per month for ages, and am at present £230 in credit.
    Even so, I received an email from them yesterday stating that they were increasing my Direct Debits to £147 per month as of Sept 2nd.
    They quickly received a very snotty email back from me, stating that I will continue to pay £90 per month and will raise the amount paid via DD myself as and when it becomes necessary, not when they want me to, just to increase their profits!
    Strangely enough, I had another email within the hour, thanking me for changing my DD amount to £90 as of September 2nd!
    I've changed nothing, all I've done is stop them changing it!


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