Waffles anyone..


Ok hands up who eats breakfast?

I very rarely have breakfast..years of having severe morning sickness have scarred me..i couldn't keep a thing down until at least lunchtime during pregnancy 1 through 6.

But i do insist everyone has a good breakfast obviously hubby and dude are big enough to make up their own minds but i have instilled it in the girls.

Fern likes fruit salads and yoghurts or cereal.

Iris love pancakes , waffles and cereals.

With the price of everything going up i decide to dust off the ole waffle maker and do a batch.To my shame it has only been used once in all the time i have had it.

I found a recipe for Honey Waffles that only used 3 eggs all the others had 5-6 eggs..i wanted cheap but tasty.

It took us an hour to do the entire batch and they are so lovely i may just be tempted to have one in the mornings.

  You get 5 sections per waffle..i decided to cut them in half so you get 2 and half which i think is enough, if not then you can have another.

If anyone wants the recipe then i will pop it up but on the same note if anyone has a good tasty waffle recipe let me know.

Take care all



  1. I'd love the recipe please. I had toffee waffles with banana for dessert today and I'm hooked.

  2. I do - but not first thing. I end to have breakfast about eleven, when my schedule allows it to be. And I love making waffles. Maybe I should make them more often but if I did they wouldn't be a treat any more. xx

  3. I love the smell of these in the morning..but can't eat them. Myabe as you say a bit later on
    take care


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