Hot enough....

 Hello everyone , how are you on this very hot day.

I got up early and got my washing out and its all dry (surprise)..i prepped dinner early and used my air fryer instead of the oven today.

Hubby , dude and Iris went to the allotments and watered but that's all for today.

I am keeping the blinds down and windows open..the fans are on and its deliciously cool inside.

I went to fetch the washing in and it felt like i was getting burnt in the 10 minutes i was out.

Its only going to get hotter and my plans for the day are this..


No jobs to start and no school today.

So stay in and drink plenty of fluids. I put a jug of water in the fridge for everyone to drink. I have ice-cream at the ready as well.

Take care everyone



  1. It's definitely our hottest day so far! I think my washing dried in about 10mins today. I've got the curtains drawn so it's not too bad inside, it really hits you though when stepping outside. Unbearable!! The cat's not come down stairs yet today and the poor pup doesn't know what to make of it, he's only 6mths old so it's all new for him.

  2. Same here. I did go to Groove class earlier but that's it, nothing more. xxx

  3. We finally had a bit of a break on the heat here on the prairies of Canada and it was so welcome. I hope things cool a bit for you as well.

    God bless.


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