Fresh..straight from the allotments..

 Hello everyone.

Over the last few days we have been definitely been eating more veggies.. This is because its all coming to ripeness at the same time.
Our First Crop Potatoes have started to be dug up..they look a bit rough on the outside but once they are peeled they are clean fresh spuds. Excellent mashers and chippers

Our Spring Onions are coming in bunches..hubby sowed them so we have continual crops..every 2 weeks they will ripen. These are delicious but very strong and made my eyes water.

This is my one Bean..i was so excited to see it in the garden..especially after our resident Pigeon couple had been having an all you eat buffet and going back for seconds.

Fresh Rhubarb..all cleaned and chopped ready to freeze.

You can't beat fresh from the ground onto the plate within an hour of picking.Delicious.
take care


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