Chest Freezer gone Kaput!!!

 Hello everyone , how are you today?
I do hope everyone is ok and enjoying the much cooler weather i know i am.
In preparation for the hot weather we put the sunshade over the dining room window..gave us a lot of shade and of course all our little plants.

This we bought a few years ago and boy did we appreciate it..our dining room was cool not chilly but it definitely kept the worst of the heat out.
Before the heat hit we did some early morning Beetroot bottling..yummy .

I had a little indoor project to do to keep me busy without moving around too much.

I found this huge shell hidden under a bush and i had totally forgotten about it..i soaked it over night in warm water to remove any bugs and then i scrubbed it with an old was painted many years ago when i was going through a colourful garden ornament stage..yep i know😮.
I hope i rescued it and gave it a little love.

Looks much nicer and is on my bookcase.
I also treated myself on the Prime Days to some moisturiser..and chocolate from the Discount Shop..
I love these..and the packet might look it has one missing because it does 😋
This is totally gorgeous..feels lovely and i smell like a Rose all day..not sure if its working on any wrinkles but i like it as a treat.

And finally we had to spend money and a lot of it on a new Chest Freezer..mine gave up on Tuesday. I have had it for at least 25years and it most definitely wasn't electricity friendly . My husband came through and asked why the Red Light was in all the years we have had it that light has never ever been on...i felt the front of the freezer and it was it was switched off  and left to cool for a while but within 5 minutes of turning it back on it was super hot again. 
Too dangerous to leave and hope for the best. I went to my mum's next door and asked if she had room in her freezer for my stuff and thankfully she did so we emptied it and deposited it next door. Thanks mum💟
So we spent a while surfing the internet looking for good one..finally got one that is coming at the weekend..we bought it from Amazon. I know right..its an A+ rated one and just a little bigger than the old one.
We spent yesterday afternoon having to remove worktop and move the other upright freezers so we could get it out. Even though it wasn't as hot yesterday it made us sweat. Hopefully fingers crossed we can get the new one in and sort it before it gets warm again. I am just so grateful we had some money put aside and could buy a new one.

And finally its the holidays..yes!!!!
This is on my blackboard.
So everyone take care and enjoy the cooler weather.


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