Love this time of year..

 Hello everyone, how are you?

Its the busy season here at FTM..busy at the allotments and garden and inside as well.

Its also the season for firsts.

New Potatoes
First Strawberries
First Cabbage
The potatoes and strawberries have been devoured and the cabbage is all sorted and nestling in the freezer.
First visit of the year by this beauty. Sat on our fence for a good 30 minutes scaring all the little sparrows half to death, then gracefully flew away.

First time for years our pond has been emptied and the fish are in a barrel ,last time the pond was emptied we put the fish in a paddling pool and every cat in the kingdom came for a visit and popped the top ring..pretty sure some fish went missing as well. We are not taking any chances this time.

Somewhere in this part is a crack..lord knows where but 4 inches of water disappears overnight.
I got into the pond when only a tiny amount of water was left and scooped out as many Tadpoles as i could

Fish in the barrel..we set up a filter system and they seem quite happy. Unfortunately we may have lost this years eggs as the fish had just done their thing when we emptied it. My husband is fixing the pond as fast as he can but rain and extreme heat are not good for mixing concrete by hand so its abit at a time.
I had a genius idea for hanging hubby's and sons wet waterproofs up to drip dry..i get fed up of them hanging on the toilet door and dripping all over my i put up this hook and hang them in the open doorway from when we removed the door to fit in the clothes horses..they dry lovely with a little plastic tray underneath and they are out the way and i can go for wee without getting dripped on. Perfect.

Now Nectar Points have been spent. For about 2 years i have not been able to access my points to spend them. I could see how many i had and how much they were worth but i was frothing at the mouth not being able to spend them😂, finally i managed to sort it out and boy o boy did i go to town on Ebay.
I got a very expensive pair of thermal lined , triple weave ,blackout curtains 90x90 for £10..i know i was so pleased. They are totally gorgeous and are still in the packet as they are for when i updo my dining room.
My brother finally tracked down the cushions for my rocking chair..
They are not my thing but crikey this is one comfy chair..i can definitely see myself sitting in this and reading..i have spotted a lovely navy blue throw in B&M.. to cover the cushions and i will eventually get time to sand it down, just not in this heat. Me and Beetroots have a lot in common this time of year.
So that is all for now but i will be back.
take care all


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