Hello everyone, how are you all?
Its the 1st of May..where the heck is the year going?
I had a totally different day to the one i had planned in my head. Unfortunately my husband has hurt his knee and its extremely painful to walk, sit, anything to be fair. Today was the day that i had managed to get both girls booked in for their 2nd  Covid Vaccinations. Now the disadvantages of not having a car come into play here. The Vaccination Centre is the other side of town about 3 miles away..i really couldn't see hubby making it to the end of the road let alone the other side of town.   So , i took them and also went a to have a look around the shops as well. I honestly didn't think it would be busy but i was so wrong.  Poundland was packed..i got a little fake pot plant that is so cute..not £1 but £3 however i like it so worth the money.

Next up was Aldi..the place was heaving..not many wearing masks at all and i felt uncomfortable being in such a busy enclosed space. We left and just had a nice slow walk home. Hubby had done a gorgeous Roast Chicken with all the trimmings for lunch and Fern had baked on Saturday and made a Lemon Drizzle Cake which we had for pudding..totally delicious. I have to admit i was relieved to get home and have a cuppa .
The weather is not the greatest but i am thankful for that today..nice and cool ..absolutely brilliant for walking in. The girls are fine and no side effects from the vaccine..the centre was extremely busy, yet we were straight in and done then out,  i am just grateful we are all now vaccinated and boosted.
Now its concentrate on allotments and budgets.
Trying to keep afloat and also not get scared to death with the threat that  is in the world at the moment.
Keep going everyone.
take care



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