When one job leads to another..

 Hello everyone..

Have you ever thought to yourself i will just do that..then when you have done it you realize that it makes the rest of the house look dull.

I did this recently. I wanted to paint my downstairs toilet. Freshen it up and make it brighter and fresher.

So this is before..

This is after..
No shelf .. i have plans for that elsewhere in the porch area. I painted the crate and filled it with loo roll .
I used some diamante tape around the top of my lampshade and used a whole punch on the bottom.
I popped daimante tape around my hand sanitzier bottle as well.
Treated myself to a new toilet brush. Haha what a treat.
I love it and it looks so much bigger and brighter.
So obviously it looks all shiny and new in there and my porch looks dull..so i thought what the heck i will redo that as well. Paint the wood work, the ceiling and then the walls that gorgeous blue. Maybe even treat myself to a new bin set(notice how as you get older you treat yourself more and more to household items rather than glam things 😂 ). I asked hubby to fix the light fixing..it looked a bit rough and so we thought we would just replace it..well one thing led to another and now i have this ..

This ceiling was hidden underneath the polystyrene tiles that were up there..we have absolutely no idea what it is..or what is under that. 

So now i have an empty porch and waiting for hubby to fix the ceiling and put in a new light for me.
But i now know that when i have done this porch it will make my door way into the kitchen look grotty and that will need a paint then the dining room door will need a paint and then the living room door.. 
Just one job after another.. thankfully i have time and plenty of paint.


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