Well here we are..

 Hello everyone , how are you?
Thank you all so much for your lovely comments and best wishes regarding my recent worrisome lump.

So now back to blogging. Firstly i have to say What the fudge is going on in the world? I am sure its gone mad or having a bad year.

I am grateful and thankful that we have 2 allotments at the moment. It seems our foresight to have 2 of them is definitely going to come in handy this year or a few years to come.
We have yet again redone our budget and all our plans for what we were going to do versus what we can do.
I have re worked meal plans and talked to the whole family about eating more veggies and not so much meat.
I have dug out my Austerity Cook Book and have been going through all the ideas and recipes.
I have 2 lovely girls who have different passions at the moment.
One is a very keen gardener and helps everytime at the allotments.
The other is an excellent cook and baker.
Both things covered there then, one can grow it the other can cook it.
These are Fern Danish Meatballs

I found the recipe on a Hygge website. I can guarantee that these are better than any you can buy and cheaper.

Go ahead and give them a go.

I have been doing my laundry in the evenings and trying to get it out first thing in the morning to dry..the weather is not playing ball at the moment. I was going to actually give away my 2 clothes horses, so glad i didn't. I have started to put undies and light stuff on it in the sun so it dries.
I am now only washing when i have totally full loads and only using my tumble drier when i have too. 
We have all come to the agreement that whatever you are using and are done then switch it off. No more leaving lights on whilst you just nip downstairs and then end up staying for a while watching a film.
I did my shopping online earlier today..crikey it was expensive but it should last us a while.
I did an in depth shopping list of food stuffs we actually need against what i just fancy.
My slow cookers have been in use as well for dinners and puddings.
I am so determined to not waste food i have been saving my potato peelings and making skin on chips out of them. They are gorgeous. Obviously they to be nice skins and no huge bug holes..lightly boiled then air fried and some sea salt with a little bit of an Oxo cube crumbled over them. Delicious.
 I am on a book drought..self imposed. I really cannot afford to keep buying them so i am re reading all i have , one section at a time.
I received all of these gorgeous house plants for Mothers Day... i love them.
Not sure if you can see but that black mass is actually Frog Spawn. Thousands of them in there.
Bedding being dried for free.
The seed potatoes chitting away. Iris and her dad did the majority of planting all these and then the onions and shallots as well.
So here we are folks..up to date and loving everyday. Its going to be hard i know but we can do it.

The way the world is at the moment it is very depressing and my heart goes out to everyone affected by all that is going on.
take care all


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