Up doing the house..

 Hello everyone , how are you?

Well just because the cost of living crisis is hitting us it doesn't mean i can't decorate or updo my home.
I am aiming to re do the house for little money and some moving around of furniture. I am a member of Freecycle and also Olio..little disappointed with both at the moment as i put things on and when folks ask for them i agree time and date for collection then i have no shows and no messages . Quite frankly i am annoyed and thinking of removing the Apps from my phone. 

So do you remember this unit form a previous post
This unit was an absolute nightmare to paint and add the maps to the back of it.
I decided to move it upstairs into my bedroom.
Our original plan was to build a bookcase on the huge wall . Money has since become tighter so i moved furniture to get the desired effect i wanted.
I already had the middle unit and it just needed a few coats of paint and i found some old door handles in my odds and sods pot. I cleaned them up and bingo. Now i have a lovely long unit, with my family pictures and books that i wanted .
The picture frames on the walls were painted white and some new wall paper in them and its all done. For Zero pennies.
Makes my room feel lovely and cosy.



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