Having a break..and thinking.

 Hello everyone , how are you?

Well this afternoon i am sat with a lovely Cappucino and some Fry's Mint Cream whilst my girls take over the kitchen.

Meatballs and Jellies are on the menu..so my house is going to smell a little oniony and fruity at the same time..if that is possible.

I saw wonderful quote the other day and i really thought how apt it was for the times.

                                      I would rather live beneath my means 

                                                have no debt,

                                                     be comfortable and frugal

                                                            rather than live in luxury

                                                                and not sleep because of Debt.

Well something on those lines anyway.

The Cappucino i am having is a packet mix from the Short Coded Bargain shop..10 for £1..i am the only one who likes them so i have them as a treat now and again, my chocolate is from Easter..

So little treats are going to be the way to go i think. I did read on another platform about gift giving and changing it so instead of buying gifts we give something else.

So instead of gifts they are urging people to give 
Plants from your home or garden that you have grown
Recipes handed down from family
Home made wine
Home made cakes
Books that you no longer read
Vouchers for free babysitting , dog walking , pet sitting.
Anything you think your family or friend will appreciate.
Maybe make up a little treat hamper with packet coffees and cakes.
The list is endless although it does depend upon the recipient as well.. sometimes these things do not go down to well..best to check before hand.
Re gifting is a thing as well..can't say i have ever done it but if i did then no one would ever know😀.
What do you all think would be a lovely gift and something that cost hardly anything.
Also what about little treats for yourself..what do you consider a treat that is really cheap but makes you feel like its a total luxury.
Personally i think having  a little luxurious treat now and again is the best medicine.
take care


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