Austerity Cookbook..

 Hello everyone, how are you?

So in the last comments Cindy asked for more about The Austerity Cookbook.
Its an oldie but a goodie, printed in 1975, i think this will survive the test of time.
I am unsure where i got it from but its a little diamond.

The Kick pudding is lovely..Fern has made this a few times now and its smells divine whilst cooking and tastes wonderful.
I havent tried this recipe yet but i am dying sounds delicious.
There are whole chapters on Eggs and Cheese,  Fish , Meat , Vegetables , Sweets.
Make it your self sections

A section on Leftovers..i think what it says is true..either you are cooking too much or cooking it badly and no one wants it.
The Odds and Ends section is just that..few recipes on quick pickles and wartime marmalade.
I have to admit i have been reading my books more and more for ideas on how to stretch food and also if i have leftovers how to make them into another meal. I don't very often have leftovers and i have to make sure i do not cook too much.
Meal Planning is the way to go. Making lists is the way to go.
Organize that Pantry and Freezer so you can see exactly what you have and what you need.
Shop to your meal plan and if  bargain pops up then grab it if you can afford it.
I grab yellow sticker items when i can and make something out of it and then freeze it.
Try to cook more than just one thing in your oven if you have too.
I am very lucky in that i have 2 slow cookers. One for meat and soups and the other for puddings.
These are very handy for those days i am busy.

So if anyone wants to buy a copy then its The Austerity Cookbook by Bridget Ardley. There may be a few on Ebay or Amazon.


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