When an email offers a freebie and its actually true..

 Hello everyone  , how are you all?

As we all know there are some awful scammers and tons of fake emails going around and its not a new thing. I for one get p**sed off with them. No matter how many times i block the senders i end up with the same ole crap again. My email provider Yahoo needs to bloody well sort it. I never give my email unless its for something i want to subscribe to..so someone out there has sold my email address. Tossers!!

Now i normally scan my emails and delete them. Only ones i don't are for my Utility bills, insurances and Sky.
I have been getting more and more emails from Sky and i thought i will just read it for crying out loud. Probably informing me that my bill is going up again , seriously it creeps up by £2-3 every year.
Anyway i read it and thought got to be a thing going on here..they were offering me a free upgrade to Sky Q with no extra charge and my monthly bill will not go up. Yeah pull the other one i thought. 
So with the phone call being free i rang and to my surprise it was true. I had a nice chat with the fella on the other end and not only did he upgrade all my services he knocked £20 off my bill for 18 months.
Shock and awe does not cover it.
So for a phone call i got.
Free Sky Q
Fitting Free.
New booster box Free.
New broadband upgrade Free.
£20 off my current bill for 18 months.
So that is the kind of email i want to receive, one that actually does what it says.
I am in no way endorsing Sky but i can't pick a fault with that .
That £20 a month will go a long way to helping with the food budget.
He also gave me the date to ring and re negotiate my contract . That is noted down on my Alexa reminders list.
I love those kind of emails not the ones begging me to send them money or else.
Have any of you been pleasantly surprised by an email doing exactly what is says?

Have a good day everyone.


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