Different kind of lunch

 Hello everyone, how are you all today?

Well after the last week or so and all the rich foods and buffets we have finally had enough. If i see another Duck Roll i just might gag. Yesterday we had a lovely lunch of Roast Beef with all the trimmings .
We were going to have another Turkey but couldn't find one for love nor money. Hubby managed to get a nice piece of Beef that was the right price in our book that means not the price of a small car.
We have plenty of that left over which if not used for sandwiches then i will freeze it for another lunch at some point.
Today we had a huge Pepperoni Pizza and it was delicious.

I also sorted my flowers. I received 2 lovely bouquets for Christmas. They have both lasted well but now have some that have gone over. I sorted the good from the gone and ended up with a smaller bouquet but it looks cute.

In one of them i received there were little plastic ornaments. I removed these and used my little trunk panel and made up a nice little centre piece with them.

I will keep these little things in a box and reuse them time and again.
Take care all


  1. Beef is my best dinner and yes a joint can rival the cost of a car!! But so tasty.

  2. It's quite a relief to be getting back to normality again, isn't it?



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