Chocs away for another day..

 Hello everyone, how are you today?

Well now the New Year is definitely here, i have got boxes of chocolates  left over totally unopened and bags of them as well. I have decided to put them away for Easter...i know that its no where near that time yet but its a coming folks. So to get a head start i have put some away and we will have them as a treat later in the year.

I did freeze the left over beef ready for another Sunday Roast.

I swapped over my gorgeous cream table cloth with matching runner and napkins back to my everyday placemats and oil cloth. I did this a day ago and i think so far only my hubby has noticed.

We have spent the day being total slobs to be honest. Had a lovely lunch that hubby cooked and sandwiches for tea. Trying to use up the Christmas ham we packed the sandwiches full. We have watched films and a series on Netflix.  Emptied a box of Matchmakes between us and put our feet up.

It has gotten chillier as the day has gone along and tomorrow its going to be real cold.
 I have gone through the fridge and pantry in the last few days and drawn up a list of things that need replacing in both.
Hopefully it won't cost too much and i don't get tempted to just add things to my basket.

Our house smells absolutely delicious at the moment. I received a box of Yankee Candle Christmas Morning selection. They are so luxurious and the scent is amazing. Currently i am burning Christmas Morning Punch..fruity with a hint of jasmine. One has been put away as its too overpowering ..that one is Vanilla and Cinnamon Toast. Whoa its a nostril burner.

The new Garden catalogues have been arriving and hubby has been going through them to price up how much the seeds and plants will cost compared to the others.
I too have been pricing up things..paint mainly. There are some good offers on at the moment but we are not really ready for it yet. But as we all know there are offers on nearly all the time so there is no rush.

I have to start de cluttering and give away a lot of stuff that has made it back into my house. Have you ever noticed that stuff creeps back in and makes itself at home without you even seeing it. Christmas gifts aside i have noticed bits and bobs that i honestly thought i had got rid of but maybe i just moved them around and forgot. Nevermind i have an empty box ready to fill with bits i need to let go.
Do you ever think that stuff creeps back a bit at a time?

Ok folks that's it for today.
take care


  1. I'm not a big chocolate eater but I did have a few Roses, all the soft centre ones . My failing is crumbly fudge so Dh has hidden it from me at my request and that will be very nice at Easter time

  2. Decluttering is an ongoing process, I have found. You never get to the end of it because, as Miss Read says' 'nature abhors a vacuum!

    I think a lot of people are feeling weary at the moment. I know I am. Energy will return, I am sure.

  3. I had a good bash at the decluttering this morning. The spare room will just have to wait a bit longer as I'm just not in the mood for any more stash busting today. We've put choccies away for Easter in the past but I'm enjoying the odd one or two now and then so they won't be going away this year.


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