Mum down folks..

 Hello everyone , how are you?

Its unfortunately that time of year when apart from Covid and Omicron there are still some nasty little colds going around. We have all had a sniffle but mine however has left me with an infection in my ear.
It hurts to swallow, drink and talk. Its absolutely typical for me though. I think for the last few years just before Christmas something has made me off colour.
Well, i had an internet consult with my Nurse Practitioner and i have a prescription to see me through the festivites with instructions to take Paracetomol and rest , plus no alcohol. Thats a laugh as i don't drink anyway.
I am Christmas ready as they say.
Gifts wrapped.
Cards posted.
Food in freezer and cupboards.
House clean.
Now i am going to have a rest and maybe watch a film.
Take care all


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