Let the Christmasication begin..

 Hello everyone , how are you all?

As the title says its time to start with the Christmasication of our house.
Cherie has the copyright on Christmasifying so i am calling mine the Christmasication 😉.
I have tons of decorations and 3 trees but only 2 are used at a time. I have more tinsel and baubles than B&M has in its entirity..after almost 30 odd years of buying and collecting them. Some are also freebies.

This is gorgeous..it actually doesn't look much in day light
But o my word , in the dark its a beauty.
There are 3 little fans that swirl the glitter around..a freebie from my daughter.
I have started in the living room..this is my mantle so far..see the big gift stack on the left. That was a freebie

And finally the lovely hand made set of Reindeer and sleigh my husband made.
I still have to put a Santa and presents in it but i will get there.
So its happening slowly but surely my Christmasication is taking over.
love to you all


  1. Your decorating is coming along so very nicely. You have the touch.

    God bless.

  2. Oh I do like a Christmasified house :-)


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