Inbetween celebrating..

 Hello everyone , how are you all?
Thank you for the lovely wishes for a Merry Christmas. We certainly had a great time. I think or should i say hope that everyone got what they asked for and some definite extras as well.
Its that time between Christmas and New Year.
We have all stuffed ourselves to bursting, in fact the Gaviscon had made an appearance a few times for me and hubby and you know when the kiddos have had enough as they pass on the chocolates.
The sofa has been slobbed on..feet up box of either bscuits or sweeties open between us all and a film has been watched.
Breakfast has been a big affair ..fry up was planned but no one wanted it. So out came the waffles, pancakes and croissants..fruit salads as well. Totally delicious.
Lunches have been leftovers and for tea times i have laid on a big buffet for all to have what they wanted.

I have caught up with the laundry and had a good tidy up.
Apart from that i have chilled.
Whilst chilling i have been planning on home improvements for next year.
My big journal is full of my ideas and lists of things to do.
I find that this inbetween time is a good place to reflect upon the last year and look forward to the next.

Last year we spent quite a bit of money on things that needed replacing.
Plus all the little bits i bought as well.
 So my action plan next year is to do my home ideas but no major purchases.
Paint is not too expensive thankfully.
MDF is not that bad either.
The plans i have also include turning my home into an eco home.
That sounds really expensive but no it isn't.
It means adjusting our way of living and i am going to transform it into a living green house.
Basically to off set our carbon emissions and we all have them in some form or other, i am going to fill the house with plants. I know that it won't off set them totally probably no where near but it will clean our air and it will look amazing. A living breathing beautiful green home.
What do you think?
Hubby and i didn't buy each other any gifts this year. We decided to save the money we would spend on each other and buy something that we really wanted. For me its going to be house plants as for hubby i am not sure exactly what he wants, probably something for wood working or maybe books.
We have both bought a diary each, his is manly for the allotments and seed planting dates. Mine is for more scrapbooking keeping a note of everything.
Do any of you have keep diaries?

The price of utilities is going to sky rocket and food as well no doubt. I am going to make the absolute most of the resources we have and minimize expenditure.
Using the tumble drier will have to be almost stopped and i need an indoor space to dry clothes so that is an absolute must.
Cutting meat out is another must..not going vegan just cutting down. Adding more veg to our diets will not be a bad thing at all.
So as soon as i can we will be getting on with it all.
Anyone else have plans?
Off to watch a film and grab a choccy.
Take care all


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