Got my booster

 Hello everyone.
Well now i have had 3 vaccines so i am hoping it will give me some extra protection against Covid and the new variant Omicron.
When we arrived it didn't look so busy but i was wrong inside it packed. The volunteers are just amazing and its all really well run. I was hoping to be in and out but that wasn't the case. A lady , who all kudos to her, was there to be vaccinated held up the line for nearly 30 minutes because  1, she wanted more information and then 2, disclosed she had a needle phobia. Eventually she was removed from the little cubicle area and taken to a more private spot. I had to stand the entire time i was waiting as there was a man in front of me who actually left a rather suspicious looking wet stain on the chair he vacatedđŸ˜²đŸ˜²...there was no way on this planet i was going to sit down. A lovely volunteer came and asked why i wasn't sitting and i showed her..a wet wipe appeared but i had already got in the cubicle and thank the lord the nurse swapped my chair.
I had some side effects but i can live with them however i felt like some had beat me with a baseball bat in the night and left me as one huge ache the next morning. 
Fern has had her first vaccine as well and is a bit achey this morning.
I cannot get Iris booked in anywhere..however tomorrow they are both having their Flu Vaccines and we are going to ask about trying to get Iris in somewhere to have at least 1 vaccine shot.
Hubby also had his booster shot quite easily and quickly he was a little poorly afterwards. Bless him he could not get warm and was tired. But thank you to all the volunteers who make time everyday to do this.
take care everyone


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