Christmasication complete

 Hello everyone, how are you all?

We have spent the last few days finishing our festive decorating. My poor hubby has a sore thumb from all the drawing pins he has had to put up. 
The dining room all lit up and yes i have 2 trees.
The one on the right is the girls tree and mine is on the left.

The living room window

The living room fireplace after i added a few extras.
Girls tree
My tree
This angel had a major makeover. She arrived as a hanging ornament which is not what i actually ordered but hey ho i let it go. I cut her skirt off and then stuck her top half in a loo roll and covered it in silverfoil and then glued her skirt back on.
Vintage angel for the girls
Eco friendly decorations for the dining room, mostly paper and these have been reused for many years now.
These decorations on the living room ceiling are actually about 30 odd years old and are carefully taken down and put away every year.
My beautiful vintage angel ..she always gets a little spot of her own.

So thats it , let the festivities begin.


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