Not frugal and bloody painful..

 Hello everyone , how are you all?

So after the last few very frugal weeks as expected it wasn't this time around. Yep i did the big Christmas gift shop. It was all done online and just about everything is here and so now its time to wrap and put it all safely hidden away for the big day. I am looking forward to wrapping it all up with home made tags and bows. I don't have that many people to send cards to anymore so i printed off some really nice ones for family. 
Life has been quiet and bumping along nicely for us. I finally put the heating on and very cozy it is. I got my Gas/Electric bills and it seems i am in credit with both which is a bonus for this time of year going into the colder months.
On the frugal front its also been quite a raucous month with money disappearing as fast as we get paid. Two birthdays this weekend so gifts for them . I am making the cakes myself. I did a Pantry shop and also resorted my Pantry , that took a few hours but its so worth it. I have it all reorganized and labelled up the wazzooka there is no way you cannot find what your looking for although i think everyone else in the house will at some point say they can't find it😕.

You have those months though as a household where just about everything all needs fixing or replacing all at once..and its quite depressing how fast the money goes. I am Thankful for the fact i can do it and know that the bank will be topped up next month.

As for Christmas..well its going to just us again this year. We are not visiting and not receiving visitors either. I will be taking gifts to everyone but not staying. We are all looking forward to it. I will not be putting my decorations up until the 12th even though quite a lot of folks have already done  it , its a little too early for me to even think about it. But everyone is different.

Now for the painful part.
I have been to the dentist today. I have a lovely new fella as my old one retired. He is brilliant, patient and thorough. As i type this i have a huge hole where he had to remove a tooth and its so sore. Paracetomol to the rescue and my lovely husband made me soup for lunch and stayed with me the entire time i was being drilled and injected. The needles don't bother me just the drill and he was amazing. I was so nervous and scared but hopefully with his help i will be good.
So now i am going to just take it easy and watch a film tonight.
take care all


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