Frugal week again..

 Hello everyone , how are you?

Well it has been yet another frugal week. The only money i spent was on a pair of Winter Boots for myself. I had to have new ones as the ones i have hurt my feet . They are supposed to be a size 5 but i have doubts that they really are. My toes are all crushed and squashed together, i just can't take it any more. It makes walking painful and not an enjoyable experience.

I used frozen fruits from the freezer to make pies and crumbles. My slow cooker got taken out and dusted down before i did a lovely slow cooked beef and veg casserole with mash and homemade Yorkshire was a welcome and filling dinner on a cold and windy day.

I sorted some books to donate and the girls and i went for long walks in the afternoons where possible.

We spent time together just talking and watching films.

I gave 2 of our old wooden trays a bit of an upcycle. They were old and looked tatty so out came my white gloss, some oilcloth and washi tape.

It took a little while between coats , waiting for it to dry is a long drawn out thing especially this time of year.

However, i am so pleased with how they look that both of them are now Laptop trays.

You can see my picture box in the top right..that got a do over as well but i forgot to take pics as it wasn't dry enough to touch.

You can see where the oilcloth came from..excess tablecloth.

The Washi tape i had for ages in my craft box. I think they look so much better rather than the battered wooden and brown trays. It didn't cost a thing apart from my time.

My husband and i had a date this morning. Well it wasn't a real date ..we both had our Flu Vaccinations at the same time so it was just us and it was nice to just walk and talk alone with no one else. We treated everyone to fish and chips for lunch and they were delicious. We haven't had them for a while so they were a welcome treat.

I swapped over the Sumer duvets for the Winter ones ..i still haven't had the heating on. I did buy 2 hot water bottles but quite a while ago and put them away for anyone that needs one. Big throws are out and i am totally loving closing the curtains and having lamps on in the house. This time of year is my favourite. I love making our home nice, cosy and welcoming. Not that we are having visits but its nice when hubby comes home from work and its all warm and comfy after he has been working and got cold and wet on his way home. We run his bath as he leaves work so its all ready for when he gets in. Straight in the bath and then a cuppa.

Did you all remember to put the clocks back..i did all of them except my watch. Typical. 

We both keep getting from calls from O2..we are both out of contract , me for about 3 years and hubby for 4 , we just top up when we need to..i am being offered some good deals but i really don't want to be in a contract again so i am polite but its always a No Thank you. I feel for them on the end of the phone as its their job but i am getting annoyed now. Hubby is the same and they just don't stop do they? If i wanted a new phone and contract then i would have one but at the prices they want every month they can bugger off. I refuse to pay £37 a month yes a month for a bloody phone. Our Gas bill is not even that for the month. My life does not revolve around it..its a tool for me to use when i  want to not live my life on it. Infact at times i can't even find the darn thing..stuck on the shelf or between sofa cushions. So no, i will keep my old one and top up when i need to.

I cut Iris's hair..i must admit i was a bit shocked at how short she wanted it but hey-ho its her hair. It has gone from almost waist length to a bob cut..i trimmed it a little at a time to make sure to keep going incase she changed her mind but nope i kept going up and up until she said, just there mum that's perfect.

I have to say it does suit her..and if i say so myself i did a nice job of it. No hangers or loose strands.

It will certainly be a bit better for her to wash and dry it now its shorter Because she has a double crown its hard to get it straight but i managed and took my time to not rush it. 

I did add some gifts to baskets online ready for Christmas but that can wait until payday for those.

I don't need to buy cards as i have loads of odd boxes that need using up. We made our own gift tags earlier this year so all i need is wrapping paper and that will be next month. I have some leftover money wallets that can be used this year.

I have a nice balance on my Co-op card that will pay for a Luxury Box Of Biscuits and Crackers .I do this every year, save all the money on my card to pay for treats. I buy most of my milk from there as i don't want to keep popping to town. I do freeze my milk when i do a big online shop but in between i go to the Co-op.

So now i have 3 more birthdays before Christmas, then its all focus on the big day. I love Christmas.

Hubby's birthday followed by Fern's then my grand daughter Leah. 2 more cakes and 3 sets of gifts which are already worked into our budget.
We didn't have any Fireworks this year, i just opened the big curtains and enjoyed the neighbours. No doubt there will be more tonight. Our poor little dog is always unsettled, he nestles in close and follows you where ever you go when they are going off, mind you some of them are loud and booming to the point it makes me jump.
So that has been my week. 
take care all


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