Chuffing cold..

 Hello everyone , how are you?

OOHHH its cold enough to be brass monkeys out there!!

We have no wind and no damage fortunately. Its clear blue skies and chuffing cold. Got a shock on my bum when i went to the downstairs toilet .😲

We have snow forecast for this afternoon but we will we live in a valley we either get it all or absolutely nothing as it gets blown over us.

I have just started to put a few little Christmas bits cushions have come out my stash but only 2 so far..believe me there is more to come. I have also tested a big beautiful Christmas Castle with lights and glitter , its blimming gorgeous and i was given it..can you believe that. I will take a pic when its all set up.

Now on to the serious stuff.

I finally got Fern booked in for her Covid Vaccine, unfortunately i cannot get Iris booked in anywhere at the moment but i will keep trying. Hubby is going for his Booster next week and mine is coming up so we will have some better protection.

The new strain of Covid is very concerning and please people wear a mask and keep your distance.

I saw that the price of Bread is going to go through the roof so we are stocking up on Bread Flour and Yeast .

Along with Utilities going up and no end in sight of price rises i am doing some serious re-jigging of money and also more planning on all fronts.

We have a majority of gifts here now and that is going to be it. As for food it will be luxury foods but not that many. We are going to concentrate on staying within budgets and not spend anymore than we have to.

I have been on Pinterest and downloaded some lovely Budget Planners and also some No Spend Month charts . I have also been reading through my books and found some lovely cheap and easy recipes to make for Christmas instead of buying them. I have a Pantry full of baking ingredients so i will be using them up.

I have been looking at my Co-op card and found i have enough points to buy some nice Crackers and biscuits for us which will cost zero.

My chest freezer is full of all our veggies and fruits from the allotments and i have told everyone that we are cutting back on our meat and so it will be more veg with every meal. More meat free meals are also on my planners.

I am looking forward to Christmas..its going to be a quiet and simple affair this year again . Hopefully lots of home-made and hand-made goodies for us all.

So for the rest of this and all of next we will be strict and keep to our budgets , looking for bargains and discounts on everything we have to buy and then that will be an essential.We have plans to redo the hallway and our bedroom bookcase is on it as well but these will be worked into the budget.

I am off to have my lunch and take a Paracetomol..

take care all



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