Celebrating and staying home..

 Hello everyone , i hope that you are all ok?

The storm blew in last night and Wow its bad. Not as bad as some places and we still have power. Although last night we had lights flickering and i was ready to jump out of bed to go get my candles but it was all ok.

Since my dental visit i have had a really rotten cold and plus the fact my mouth is so sore i am not sleeping well..i heard the wind and rain pounding on the windows and thought "bugger that" ..i snuggled back down in bed and went back to sleep. We are having a cozy stay at home weekend apart form our lad who has had to go to work. He won't be back til gone 9 tonight.

We have a major celebration today..one of our  beautiful bonus babies turns 16. I cannot believe how time has flown by and now she is a mature grown up and stunning young lady. Gifts galore and cake are the order of the day.

Keeping  safe and warm and just enjoying the special day with my loved ones.

take care all



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