Lovely afternoon..

 Hello everyone , how are you?
Wasn't it lovely yesterday morning..then it rained hard for about 20 minutes and i was starting to panic at the thought we were going to get drenched before we even got to where we were going. It finally stopped about 10 minutes before we left. So where did we go?
We actually went to Church..not for religious reasons but for this..

The Gaia globe..its a festival for only 3 days and you had to book tickets online which was totally free for anyone to go and experience it.

Inside they also had a little area for Climate Change Awareness and everything that the companies do and what you can do as a family to make your life greener and more eco friendly.
A lady had her Bee's and was giving a talk on how important they are to earths survival with pollinating plants and how easy it is to look after them..she has a few hives and has had them for a long time so i am sure she knows what she is talking about.

It was a very informative afternoon with a lovely walk in the sun which came out and cooked us on the way home.


  1. What a lovely and informative way to spend an afternoon.

    God bless.

    1. Hi was truly amazing to see that huge globe..i think i was more excited then the girls


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