Frugal week ..

 Hello everyone , how are you?

The half term is nearly over and we have had a busyish week. Optician appointments and the Dentist.

Both visits went well..Iris needs baby teeth extracting as the little buggers are firmly stuck in there thats the dentists own words. Ferns are perfect but i need some work but don't have to pay until then so no money paid out there.

The Opticians went well..Fern does not need glasses but Iris has new ones, as she is under 16 they were free. I didn't have a test this time round.

I spent a few hours cleaning my dining table and chairs.
I used warm soapy water to get the scuff marks off the chair and table legs dining set looks new again. It was surprising just how mucky they were..i can't remember the last time i did it. I kept meaning to take them outside in the summer to do it but totally forgot.
Iris made a Cheesecake for us all and it was delicious.
I grabbed my camera and popped into the garden to capture these.

A beautiful clump of Mushrooms growing on and old Cherry Tree stump aren't they lovely.

This is a surprise picking of Rhubarb.
We all went to the allotment on Friday morning to help tidy up and get our Pumpkins. My husband and son rescued a Rhubarb crown earlier this year and have been tending it and looing out for it all year and now its paying off. We only took these 3 sticks but crikey they were sweet and went into a crumble. 
We managed to get another crop of Beetroot and some Carrots. All have now been sorted and frozen.

These are 2 of our massive son had to use the wheelbarrow to get it home. There are another 3 that monstrous size . We rolled them to the edge of the allotment so anyone can help themselves if they want..might need a strong back and more than one pair of hands to grab them.

The little round ball in front is a Swede..they have come so good this year, its a variety called Tweed for the British Climate. They taste amazing and cook really well.
So just nipping to the allotments to tidy up became a bonus visit for us all.
We have spent time at home and watched films and read books. A totally relaxing week and i enjoyed it.
I have still not put the heating on our house is holding is temperature at 21c inside so no need for it yet.
We are not doing Halloween at all this year.
The girls however got a treat from their big brother.
One loves chocolate and the other doesn't. They were on the table waiting for them this morning.
I found the blog i lost when my laptop went funny..i have spent my evenings catching up on it all.
O a bit of excitement on the road..

When we went to the allotments the road was deserted..came back to find Police everywhere and a front door been knocked in. The house next door to my brother was raided. 
So that has been my week not much but loving it.


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