Lovely comments..

 Hello everyone ,how are you?

I want to thank everyone that left a comment on my post about Living on One Income.

It's amazing just how many people can do it and do it everyday. Sometimes not because they want to but have to. I say lets encourage everyone to have a go..see where it takes you and find out what you can actually live without. Having no debt is the most important thing so if you have debts then sit down and grab a cuppa and then a calculator and work out how to get rid of it permanently. The money you earn needs to be in your bank not theirs. I understand its not that easy but there is lots of help out there if you are really serious about being debt free...obviously this takes team work and planning , budgeting and having everyone in the family on the same wavelength. 

I loved reading the comments and how similar we all are. All striving towards our own separate goals yet following the same path.

Take care folks



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