Good to be back folks..

 Hello everyone.

I am so sorry i have been quiet for a bit , my laptop decided to throw a doohickey in the works and live its own life (doing what it wanted, when it wanted). .. losing my blog pictures was the last straw. My husband has completely re done it and now it works better than ever.

So what have i been doing at Flowertot Mansion.

Picking and freezing tons of Sweetcorn..this years crop was the most successful . I am the only one who eats it and believe me i now have enough to see me totally through until next year.

We had a stroke of luck and found an almost full tin of Masonry paint. Thank you to my husband for being a mini hoarder..i spent 2 afternoons cleaning up and repainting the front porch. I trailed the Clematis across the front and hopefully it will slowly cover the porch.

My Welcome sign is about 10 years old and still going strong. Not bad for £1.99 from B&M .
My Autumn Wreath is up.
It now looks lovely and fresh and all cleaned up.

I made myself a Printer and Stationary cupboard.
We had an old unused cupboard that was holding nothing but dust and in the way on the landing.
My husband sanded it and i gave it about 7 coats of white paint. It could probably do with another couple but i like it..not perfect but totally useable.
I used up the leftover Fablon on the top of it and painted the knobs black.
It looks brilliant.

The top part has my paper and books stashed away safely.
The bottom has my card, printer ink and a little basket full of crafty bits.

I picked another load of Tomatoes..and i am keeping my fingers crossed we will have another crop before they go over.

Our first fruits..the Pear is probably one of the first we have had from our tree for a few years and i have counted about 10 more. Pray for me to get them before the wind or birds.
The Apple is one of about 20..but they taste delicious and like last year if they get knocked off i will make crumbles with them.
My husband made a lovely little wooden container.
Big enough inside for me to put my watch and earrings.
He even put his mark on the bottom.
Its not huge but looks cute..his plan is to start making little home made bits and bobs and sell them.
Sorry this one is gives you an idea of the size. Just right for little bits.
So that's what i have been up to..most of my pics just disappeared into the ether never to be seen i had to retake , couldn't the Sweetcorn as it was in the freezer in 4 huge bags.
Glad to be here again.
take care all


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