Crops coming thick and fast now..

 Hello everyone.

Well the weather has been  extreme to say the least. I do not like it. Give me a cool cloudy day anytime and i will be happy.

Unfortunately the weather we have had is just perfect for picking and drying the Potato crop.
My husband and son have been busy digging them all up and bringing them home. We sorted through them and then left them to dry out in the sun and then bagged them up and stored them away.

We had 6 loads in total and now all stored away ready to hopefully help us through the Winter.
I picked and froze a whole bag of Tomatoes, we have Cucumbers galore and the Cabbages are coming along lovely. We have had 2 of them already. Beautiful.
Its so satisfying knowing all the hard work really does pay off.
Have your crops started to come in? I find the saying that " the simpler the life the more storage space you need " to be true.
We need space to store empty jars, veggies that don't need freezing and veggies that do.
How do you store all yours?


  1. Hello again, We've had a bumper year for tomatoes this year - been giving lots away as well as eating loads. I was wondering if they freeze well? In previous years I've frozen them after skinning them, etc, and they were OK(ish), but wonder if there's a better way? Husband grew 5 pots of potatoes which we ate - lovely! He's had a bumper kale crop growing slowly - but it's a learning curve as it's our first kale crop and the caterpillars have had almost every leaf - we live & learn don't we. The runner beans have done well - plenty in the freezer and plenty given away. The rhubarb is just about over now - but I've frozen absolutely loads of it for tasty winter crumbles, etc. Have decided not to grow courgettes again - too many off just one plant and never know really what to do with them all.

  2. This was a year of lost crops for me. First of all, I have very dense clay soil, and we had a very long rainy period in spring- just can't plant much. And then wr had record high temperatures and record drought. I have several frames, but watering was an issue this summer. And then when finally everything was going smoothly, we got early frost! So. My potatoes were small, I got no cucumbers nor pumpkins, corn froze. Peas were eaten by pidgeons. Tomatoes are flowering NOW. So yes, this was abysmal year. But on the other hand, my black currants were loaded, I got plenty of rhubarb from our neighbour's yard and my most important harvest is magnificent this year- wild mushrooms are growing and I keep picking them every day. Well, we live in the middle of the forest so foraging is the way of life. Mother Nature is so much better gardener...

  3. I've been dehydrating courgettes and onion tops and today am planning on freezing tomatoes. I just wish the weather would make up its mind what it plans to do. One day too warm and the next cold a grey.

  4. What a wonderful crop of potatoes. I read back on your blog so have revisited some of your posts.. So interesting to read how other people live but does make me feel rather lazy.

  5. We dug up our onions today and will probably finish off the cukes and tomatoes later this week. This time of year is always so busy.... Potatoes can wait for awhile.

    God bless.


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