Autumn decoration.

 Hello everyone , how are you today?
Well i have no idea what has happened to the predicted sunshine we were supposed to get , instead its grey, chilly and light rain.
The nights are rolling in and getting dark earlier. I love it. I love locking up and drawing the curtains, putting on the lamps and feeling all cozy. I think i have mentioned a few times now that Autumn is my favourite season.
So on to decorations for the season.
The girls and i went for a walk and found out that Belton parkland is now open to the public again. Yes..we went for a lovely walk and i found some bark from a poor tree that is dead. Its bark has all fallen off and was all over. I picked a piece up and brought it home. As soon as i saw it an idea flashed through my mind..i do get them now and again.
Just look at the beautiful texture ..i cleaned it up and then varnished it.

I have some little Pumpkins (fake) real pinecones and acorns (fake)..for decoration.
As it was drying i added a tiny little Love Heart to it in the top corner.

I think it looks beautiful..i did think to glue down the decorations but then changed my mind so i can use it for Christmas decoration as well.
It's a beautiful piece of wood and now i can re use it anytime i want.
Have you made any decorations from things you found on a walk?
take care folks


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