Veggies, veggies everywhere

 Hello everyone , how are you all today?

Its that time of the year again people when our lives are taken over with all the produce coming home from the allotments. Buckets and buckets plus wheel barrows full of good home grown veggies. This is just one bucket of Beans..we have had 5 of these..i have a team to help me prep these.

Huge Cucumbers all ready to be eaten

We had to pull up the Onions as a Fox has decided to play with them and dig them up and chew on the tops and then leave them.
My Beetroots boiling ready to be sliced and frozen.
Cabbage all shredded and ready for freezing

I have also picked and frozen a bowl full of Tomatoes ready for my Relish when i need to make it.

My freezer will soon be totally full of all these bags will see us through til next for sure. I know we are in a lucky position to be able to do it and i am so grateful for my husband and son growing it all for us as a family.
take care 


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