Keeping busy..

 Hello everyone , how are you?

Things here are going well. Our crops are coming in thick and fast now. Its so lovely to be prepared and have a freezer full of veggies or fruits ready for Winter.

The Tomatoes are slowly ripening and boy are they delicious..i am the only one who eats them so i am in for a glut of them.
We decided to grow these and the Cucumbers in the garden rather than the greenhouses and i can say hand on heart that they really taste much better. The toms have a softer flavour and the cucumbers are not so hard on the stomach digestion if you get what i mean😀.
The Pears are coming along nicely and i have at least pleased as last year we only had one.
The Cucumbers are growing well mixed in with the new flower bed..
This is the second bucket of beans from the allotments..the first ones are already in the freezer.
Just look at our Grapes..we have about 15 bunches ..thi time we are going for quality over quantity this year and it seems to be working ,hopefully we will have some nice bunches this year.
Well aside from the garden i have been busy .
I have decided to reinstate the chalk board in the dining is much easier to explain lessons and give diagrams or explanations on how things work or how they don't .

I had to peel off quite a lot of my House Rule stickers so that i could actually get it up .
I bought the chalkboard roll for £5.99..cut it in half and my husband and i put it up together..its a bloody nightmare to do..its really sticky which is what you need so it doesn't peel or curl. We could have used at least 3 pairs of extra hands to get it up. But we did it and then just used spare pieces of wood and some paint to edge it off. It looks brilliant..and it lasted about 20 minutes before the girls vandalized it 😃.
I had a huge wardrobe declutter not just me but the girls as well. We were all brutal and just said "nope" and in the pile it went. I have 2 huge bags of ladies and girls clothes to go to the Charity Bag or shops.
I did replace some bits for the girls as they are still growing like weeds but so far i have not even had the urge to buy anything for myself. I have enough and that is just fine.
It 's so nice to open the wardrobe and actually see what i have and not spend forever searching for something to wear, my choice has been cut down to a quarter and its fantastic. Very liberating in a way.

I have been de-cluttering the rest of the house as well. Bits and bobs that i no longer need or use have gone. I resorted my storage boxes and tidied up the back pantry. I swapped the fires over in the living room and dining room..repotted plants and had a genius idea of spray panting big old paints tins and making them into plant pots that match. It was a genius idea until i found out that it would cost me £5.99 a tin and i needed 3 tins..or buy 3 plants pots for £8.00..i gave in and bought plant pots.
I painted my downstairs window sills..they look so fresh and clean. I still need to redo the outside sills but trying to find the red step and tile paint at a decent price is laughable. I will keep looking and maybe strike it lucky. I also want to paint my front porch..its looking a bit shabby and run down now..just a quick coat and it will be all nice and perked up.

Me and my husband have both been feeling run down and all the aches and pains are getting i bought us some over 50's multi-vitamins and a foot spa..which by the way is divine. I had a dicky tummy last week and was best friends with the toilet for a few husband hurt his back somehow and he couldn't sleep properly..lack of sleep just made it all feel worse.   I suffer from constant back ache which is typical as the doctor said..i have had 6 babies non of which were small and i am not that big of a person so it has done my back in..i live with it but as above lack of sleep just exacerbates it. So now i have decided that both of us need to have a health overhaul. Cutting down on sugar and snacky stuff..cutting down meal sizes and most importantly more exercise for us. I have started to do a little Yoga in the evenings and also i am looking for a cheap exercise bike..i had one years ago and loved i don't want a Peloton just something cheap that i can cycle to my hearts content when i feel like it. Its ok going for a walk with the girls but i really want to push it..does that make sense. Its a feeling i have.
Anyway thats all for now..
take care


  1. Your pears and grapes look wonderful. I really want to plant grapes next spring as well as a second pear. The one we have has never even blossomed.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you..the grapes are blooming nicely. We spent £5.99 on the vine from has taken a little while for us to get to grips with it..lots of reading up on them ..trimming is important..
      Our Pear tree used to produce loads but a few years ago it stopped..we had plenty of blossom and buds but they would fall off all over. Last year we had a mega pear..i think the poor tree just needed a rest. I did put manure at the bottom of the tree last year and dug it in so here's hoping it just needed a little boost.

  2. Interesting that you think the outside tomatoes and cucumbers are nicer. Maybe I should stop hankering after a greenhouse after all. xx

  3. Hi Joy..we grew our cucumbers and toms in a greenhouse for years and i thought they always tasted sharp..last year we tried a few as an worked wonderfully. Maybe its just me but i think being outside and away from each other has changed the flavour..i honestly don't know but they just have a different taste. Our greenhouse is now going to be converted to grow Melons that love the heat.


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