Lovely days..

 Hello all , how are you?

Its been a busy time here at Flowertot mansion.
We have life bursting out all over the place and looking gorgeous.
Lots of pictures on the way..

New Fuschia's for the new border.
We have hundred's of Tadpoles all over the pond. I honestly thought that the first lot we had was all we were going to get but no..even more have hatched and now they are like a little black swarm all over.
The green house is filling up with little seedlings.

The Grapevine has burst into life
Lobelia being hardened off outside
These little chaps have grown from my Pinecones aren't they cute..
This little Oak and the one below are grown from me planting Acorns last year..i love them and i was completely surprised that they actually grew..i have tried many times but with no luck.

My son surprised me with a gorgeous bunch of flowers..such a pretty colour and bringing the lovely feeling of early Summer inside.
The chaps have not been to the allotments because of the rain the weather has changed they will be going back to doubt the weeds have grown much more than anything else.
My husband is fully vaccinated now and i get my second dose next week. My older girls are now being done and my son is going a few days after me to have his second dose. 
My husband is now working 2 jobs to build up our bank again..we did spend a bit of money on doing things we have wanted to do for a while and expected the bank to go down so now its time to rebuild.
We have pulled our belts in and cut down outgoings quite a bit so hopefully it won't be long before we are ok..don't get me wrong we are not desperate or broke we just like to have a financial buffer for emergencies. So it's what we need and not what we want for now.
I have printed more meal planners and shop for that and also spend a few extra pounds to keep stocking our Pantry and extra toiletries..its either one or the other.
I am just enjoying the planning and budgetting..some people don't but we do and like to see the effort we put in to it being repaid.
We have been reading more in the evenings and my husband loves Youtube tutorials..he has actually been able to fix quite a lot of bits and bobs that have broken thanks  to the folks who put tutorials with the correct info and where to get spare parts at a reasonable price.
I broke out the fans and air conditioner yesterday ..gave them a clean and put them in rooms upstairs, there is nothing worse than trying to get to sleep when its warm . All the throws have come off the beds and are currently being washed and will be put away for the end of the year. Can you believe its the end of May already..where o where is the year going??
Now, i have totally enjoyed getting my laundry out in the mornings without having to run in and out and  play the okey cokey with the rain. Nothing better than a line of freshly washed laundry drying in the warm sunshine, with that thought i am off outside to put more out.
Enjoy your day.


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