Hello National Trust..are you listening!!!!!

 Afternoon everyone..i hope that you are all ok.

This is a total  rant directed at The National Trust especially and specifically the Manager of Belton House.

The tinpot dictators are at it again. I am so furious angry and very disappointed at this moment in time.
Rumours have been swirling for a while that the new Manager wanted to close the gates to the public..who by deed of covenant are allowed to use the parkland for dog walking and pleasure..Lord Brownlow gifted it to the people of the parish when he left the house to the National Trust.

It seems that this Manager does not like this ..in 2019 over 150,000 people used the parkland. Now, to me it seems that he thinks this is lost revenue and we now have to make an appointment and use the main gates and  cars only, you can stay for an allotted amount of time. Not everyone has a bleeding car  to get there.
This is not on.. i understand that he is working to keep everyone safe with Covid rules and still make money, however the grounds and parkland are massive and you can quite easily social distance.
He is using words like " for the foreseeable future"..in other words it is never opening again.
Personally i think he is taking advantage of Covid rules on social distancing to get what he wants and that is no free entry , no walkers , no dog walkers and everyone has to pay.
In these uncertain times going for a beautiful walk and relaxing in the beautiful parkland can do nothing but good, not only for your mental health but physical health as well.
This man in one fell swoop has ignored a covenant and possibly lost thousands of pounds in people not renewing memberships.
Nice one mate. 
I am disgusted and who ever gave this the go ahead should be ashamed of themselves.
This place is the one place in town that is unspoilt and people loved going because it was free to walk around and perhaps de-stress from all the crap going in the world.
Give that man a clap.
Probably won't here anything back from them as they seem to be pretty good at sweeping things under the carpet and ignoring  issues. Seems to me that they are far far to busy dealing with the bloody "wokeys" who are trying to rewrite history. here is my advice to them , go away , grow up, get a life and a bloody backbone..stop being so frigging sensitive about everything. There i said  it and if you could see my eye roll it would be epic.


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