The easiest little thing to look after

 Hello all,

I have a lovely little Moss ball in my home..yes it is there on purpose.
It lives in a glass bowl and is growing away quietly and slowly.
This is a Marimo Moss Ball..they can get quite big but are normally used in aquariums for the little shrimps to hide in and fish to nibble on but they can also be used for living decoration.
My little ball has grown so it has been moved into a bigger home now and a few friends are arriving next week so i have a little colony of them.
They are lovely to look at and so easy to look after. There are plenty of instructions on Pinterest and internet on how to care for them..they are not something to just leave alone but they are quite simple to care for.
Clean water
Not too hot in other words don't leave your bowl in the sun.
Have a few of them if you want .
If they look brown then you need to clean up the water.
You can buy liquid feed for them if you want to.

Fern changed the moss ball from a big jar to the glass bowl the other day.
We have clean stones and pebbles popped in to make it more homey..i love it.
Give it a go..they are quite cheap to buy and look unusual in a good way.


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