Spring Clean Mode Activated..

 Hello everyone , how are you?
It seems that my Spring Cleaning Button has been activated.
The weather is helping..i get up to sunshine and sit in the garden of an evening with a cuppa watching the sunset. Its very invigorating and refreshing.

I have been under the girls and our beds to remove and declutter stuff that we no longer use or need and sort it out so its all nicely tidy and clean. Under the beds is one place that gets neglected i think. The bedrooms all got a really deep clean and i have to admit they look so much better without all the clutter and bits and bobs all over.  Iris gave away her pram and cot for little dolls and lots of other bits that she doesn't play with anymore she now has a ton of room to move about in. 

My airing cupboard got a do over. I bought some more Vacuum storage bags and put lots of bedding and towels in them and now i have a slimmed down bed linen space for us all. I have spare big bath towels and hand towels put away , this is  for when the ones i am using wear out absolutely i have replacements waiting. A lot of the single duvet covers that my son doesn't use anymore i am giving to my daughter for my Grandson's newly decorated bedroom. It's so nice to be able to go in my airing cupboard now and actually see what i have and be able to get it without causing some sort of avalanche.
Whilst doing this i also sorted the towels and hand towels for the bathroom..instead of having them flat i rolled them and it gave me more space on the shelf. I went through the basket with all the Shampoo and bathing stuff in it..most of them were empty so i binned them and sorted it out so i can keep and eye on what we have and what needs replacing. I cleaned my bath and toilet with White Vinegar..not really sure it made any difference but i will do it again to see.

The hall , stairs and landing got a total Spring clean..pictures were all cleaned, doors, frames skirting boards and the wood on the stairs. I sorted through the pairs of boots and trainers and to be honest i popped them in a charity bag..nothing wrong with them just no longer fit anyone. I put all the Winter coats and Jackets away in wardrobes..all the hats ,scarves and gloves got washed and put in a box ready for the end of the year. I had the door curtain down and washed and dried on the line. 
I also upcycled the 2 lampshades i have in the hallway and on the landing.

It only cost me about £4 for 2 rolls of the Craft Stickers.

They look really nice in the Spring Cleaned Hallway..

The Living Room also got hit with a mega clean. I had the curtains down and washed. The book case got a really good dust and to be honest i was surprised that it wasn't dustier with all the books we have.

I got all excited by a storage box..sad i know.
I needed a shallow storage box to keep all my Tupperware in..i wanted it all in one place rather that taking up self space. I found the box under my bed with wrapping paper in it. I simply moved the wrapping paper to the dining room storage canvas and voila my little tubs have a new home in the big pantry altogether.
The girls and i emptied out the Pantry door unit. We cleaned it and rearranged all my spices, sauces and flavourings. I have a little room in there now for other bits but i quite like it all spaced out and not crowded. 

Its not just in the house that Spring has sprung the garden is also getting a make over.
We have already dug out a new flower bed..it took some doing and we both had achey backs and then we just emptied the full compost bin on to it and dug it in, more aches and pains.

My hubby spent 2 afternoons trimming all the edges of the pathway slabs.
The greenhouse is full of little seedlings..

We have plants outside that are hardening off ready for the allotments..unfortunately because we are still getting a frost at night we have to put them away in the evening.
Our Fuschia cuttings made it through the winter  and will be put in our new border .The Gladioli have all sprouted and they will be in there as well but at the back against the trellis. You can just make out a golden shrub cutting and a little Lavender plant, these 2 will also be put in the border.
We have trimmed the Conifers at the front of the house and i have wired in the Clematis across the porch so it should hopefully spread and bloom all over the place and hopefully look amazing.
I bought a new compost bin with a sealable lid for household compost.
The fruit tree's are all blossoming..the Plum tree has been and gone but my Pear tree is just starting.

Please cross your fingers that i actually get some fruit from it this year.
The fish are all loving the sunshine and doing their sunbathing.
I couldn't get a better picture as everytime a shadow falls on them they scatter.

The chaps have been going to the allotment daily when they are not at work. It has been rotovated and Potatoes have been planted also carrots , onions and they have sorted the Raspberries and Strawberries .

I have finally had enough of  one corner of our garden. It has our old sofa and chest freezer there..they are covered with a tarpaulin but that really does not make it any better. I have had to wait til we had some extra money to get rid of them. I don't have a car so that's the tip out the picture , i don't really want to ask anyone to take them for me as i think its a bit of a cheek so they have sat there for a few months waiting. I rang my local council to have them collected and taken away , now it does cost a bit but i know it will be disposed of properly and not fly tipped. They price it quite fairly but i think when you have a pile like a  i do it will be expensive however it is cheaper than a skip so £57.50 is not bad.
The corner that will finally be clear is going to have a little storage container put in it and all our  plant pots and small garden tools will be stored in it..we have the  container already  in another part of the garden but its not quite where we need it.
So that is what we have been doing. 
How about you? Have you been bitten by the cleaning bug?
take care all


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