Simple things Part 1

 Hello all.

Today i am going to start a series of posts about the Simple things in life that i enjoy.

A lot of things are simple and bring great comfort to anyone who does them..not everyone enjoys the same things so if anyone has anything that brings them joy or comfort or just gives you that lovely warm feeling that you get deep down inside please feel free to let me know.

One of the simplest and easiest things is a comfy clean bed with fresh bed linen. For me there is nothing nicer than sinking into a comfy bed with a good book after a long busy day.

Lovely plump pillows and a nice thick quilt just perfect for this time of year.
I make our bed every morning , straighten the sheet and puff the pillows..shake out the quilt and make the bed ready for the night. Its a simple quick and easy thing but satisfying. I could not leave it and then go to bed in  rumpled sheets it just wouldn't have the same feeling .
So ladies do you enjoy a lovely comfy bed?


  1. I just love getting into a newly made, fresh sheeted bed. I also love seeing the washed bed linen blowing in the sunshine on the line. Gorgeous!

    1. Hi Joy..i too love seeing fresh laundry blowing in the breeze. it gives a small sense of satisfaction


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