Making the best of it..

 Hello all, how are you?
Its extremely windy and wet here.. unfortunately our fence is broken and banging around. Its going to have to wait until the weather changes a bit..i really don't fancy parasailing around the garden with a fence panel.
Good lovely husband is going for his first Vaccine next i am hoping i won't be far behind him.
Its life as normal here at FTM Mansion..doing our own thing and enjoying everyday.
We have been again.
This time it was Fern's room that got a little treatment . She desperately needed a desk for school work and the prices they charge are a bit we needed it to fit her space and not the normal sizes that are for sale.
We had leftover MDF from the living room unit so my handy husband set to and made her a desk with shelves to fit the exact spot she needed it in.
Then we had another idea..i know, they come thick and fast when you get them .What if we cut her book case in half?..strengthened it and made them into wall hanging bookcases. Would it work or look ridiculous?
There was only one way to find out.
It took a few days to do but that included me painting it all.
So here is before.

And now here is after..

She now has much more room for her books and a proper desk with shelves down the sides.
So in the end  it didn't cost a penny apart from effort. We had all the stuff already and none of the very expensive MDF went to waste.
Made the best of it and it looks good and Fern is very happy with the result.
Enjoy your day folks.


  1. It looks absolutely fantastic; very clever.

    1. Thank you Joy..Fern is extremely happy with her newish room.


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