Is it catching ?

 Hi everyone.

Can you all remember the big beautiful Conifer that was felled last year. I still have not got used to the wide open view from my kitchen and dining room window and i will be honest i don' think i ever will.

Our neighbours at the bottom of our garden own a Conifer..its not that big but enough for birds to nest in and fly to for safety from cats. It really wasn't that tall and after a gardener had been last week its never going to be.

If you go  to this blog post then you can see the view that has dramatically changed.

Misty morning..
I mean is it catching ..this urge to lop trees or totally remove them. In some cases i understand that they can pose a danger and block natural light but i am speechless about this one. The Pigeons who were nesting in had flown off and are now looking confused as to where their nest is. Poor little things. The gardener just literally lopped the top off and left it. It looks so strange.

 Today is the last day of Winter and apparently British Summer  Time begins tomorrow so don't forget to put the clocks forward . I am looking forward to some longer days and maybe the chance to sit in the garden of an evening but it will need to warm up a lot before that happens.

I am feeling much better after the side effects of my 1st dose of  Covid 19 Vaccine..boy it knocked me for 6 but as the day went on i felt better and the next day i was absolutely fine. If anyone out there is having doubts about being vaccinated then please don't. The side effects are minute compared to the virus itself. I have my next dose in June.

On the homefront we have been getting the allotments ready for planting. Our seed potatoes have been chitted and look healthy.
Hubby has been in the green house sorting out the seeds and looking at ordering compost. I have ordered some Monkey Nut Seeds so i can grow my own Peanuts. We have bought some Gladioli bulbs for the garden and we are making a start on getting rid of any rubbish we have ..we all have it , that stuff that gets pushed behind the sheds out of sight out of mind until you just can't take it anymore and you have to get rid of it. 
My hubby made our weekly bread and cobs this week and i baked our puddings.
I gave my downstairs loo a spring clean..all the pictures , walls , door, window and skirting boards got a good clean with white vinegar mixed with a little Fairy Liquid..smells and looks clean. The kitchen got the same treatment and i also cleaned the windows in the back porch..30 seconds after i had done them it chucked it down..nevermind eh?
I had one of those DUH?? moments yesterday..i started to read what i really thought was a new book..turns out it was so flaming familiar as i had read it last year...i seriously have to start listing the ones i have read in a little book so i don't do it again.
I really need to sort some books out to giveaway but the last time i did that the person who wanted them expected me to deliver them. It has put me off offering anything and i am no longer selling on Ebay so i have 3 large bags of clothes to donate but will have to wait until the charity shops are open to get rid of them.
So anyway thats life at Flowertot Mansion this week..i hope that you have all had a good week.
take care and be nice


  1. It might be worth putting them on Gum tree and saying that it's collection only. I got rid of tons of stuff that I no longer needed and din't even have to stay in as it was collected from the top of the drive.

    1. Hi Cherie.. i have now gotten rid of all my excess bits and bobs..apart from the books which i have kept and will decide later on their fate. I have not used Gumtree before but i will look into it.


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