Had to try it..

 Hello all ,how are you today?
As you all know we have just revamped the living room. Finally i have the huge fluffy rug that i have always wanted. I love it and so does the dog. Now Jack is washed regularly and also brushed and has a lovely fragrant spray. He just loves that rug..rolls all over it and does a kinda spinning wheel thing on it..its nice to see him happy and feeling relaxed and totally one of us. He lolls all over it. 
I do hoover it and beat it to get anything of it but i really do not want it to smell.
I had seen someone recommend this..

So as this person is a cleaning guru i thought i will give it a go.
First issue i had was where i bought it from, i could not just buy the one can..i had to buy 2. At £2.50 a can that was a fiver. I bought them thinking to myself it had better be worth it.
They finally arrived and i got to work.
One can was actually used on the living room , dining room, hall, stairs, landing, 4 bedrooms and upstairs bathroom. Then it was gone. And i wasn't heavy on the spraying just a light spray on the carpets and rugs.
It does smell amazing and the foam does what it says and disappears..and so does the fragrance.
The scent only lasts a few hours , now don't get me wrong it does smell flipping gorgeous and so fresh and clean but wether its the frugal in me , but if i pay a fiver then i really want it to last literally a few days.
Its handy if you have unexpected visitors and just need a quick spray to freshen the room(not that we should be having visitors during a pandemic). 
It does smell good when you close the room doors then go back in a little later on .
I have been down on my hands and knees sniffing the rug😂 ..the scent is still there on the day you use it but the following day it was still there but very faint.
So my conclusion is i won't be buying it again but i had to just try it.
Have any of you tried it?


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