365 since Lockdown


Hello everyone ,how are you?

Its been a year since we all heard the word Lockdown..especially pertaining to civilians. Normally i associated that word with Prisons. Other words that are now part of our everyday vocabulary are-

Social Distancing
Self Isolation
Today we remember all those that have tragically lost their lives to the Coronavirus.
We also give thanks to all the hard work the scientists,nurses, doctors and all those people who have volunteered have done over the last year.
Thank you.
I had my first dose of the vaccine yesterday..boy o boy i feel rough today but i am grateful to be here and feel rough rather than in hospital.
My husband had his first dose last week and he was fine..slight headache and felt tired but that was it..meanwhile i am looking for the truck that has run me over and left me feeling like something that has been stamped on.
I appreciate the fact that i can moan about feeling the side effects and still be here.

What i do not appreciate is the bloody morons who refuse to wear a mask, won't social distance and are not having the vaccine as apparently its full of poison. These are the type of folks who will never get the virus and if they do they will pass it on to others who most likely will be seriously ill from it. Selfish people. The anti lockdown protestors get on my last nerve..the government are not doing it to personally upset you but to protect you and the rest of the population. The protests at the weekend are appalling..if i was a judge then each and everyone of them would be locked up for a while. But obviously that goes against their human rights..what about my human rights...to feel safe when i go out and know the person next to me has been vaccinated and is safe.
I do not appreciate celebrities sticking in their two pennies worth either, they just seem to jump on the band wagon and feed into the crap that anti vaxxers and anti lockdown morons live on.
If you are really that against it all then you should not be allowed to go out , simple as that.
Let the rest of the population who have been vaccinated get on and live our lives whilst you my weird friend are stuck inside.
But i do not rule the world unfortunately­čśâ.
I understand everyone has the right to choose but when its for the good of the nation you should be ashamed of yourself if your choice puts others in danger.
Ok rant over folks.
Have a lovely day.


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