New unit..

 Hello all.
I am back again.
As i said in my last post that i was painting and fed up of scraping paint out my nails..well here is the reason i had a paint bath in the afternoons.

Our new handmade TV unit.
Its absolutely brilliant and looks so amazing.
My hubby made it and i painted it. We found on Amazon an MDF Primer..this is a godsend. When you paint MDF it literally just sucks paint in and like with our bookcases we ended up using emulsion as a base least 3-4 coats and boy it just gets so repetitive and you end up loathing doing it.
This stuff is a must buy if using MDF..yes it cost £25 but it saved me from endless coats of emulsion. The unit had 2 coats of Primer and just one coat of gloss. 
We designed the unit to have all the bits and bobs in their own slots and all the wires are hidden from view behind it and trunking was used to hide any that needed to come up out of it.
The storage boxes have remotes for the Wii in it and one has all the games in..another has all my posh magazines in and the last has all the phone and cables in for charging.
It just makes our room look so much bigger.
Not sure if you can see but just above the TV ..there used to be 2 pictures there..i had to take them down which left 2 nail holes. Little tip i found on Pinterest..flatten the hole and then use white chalk..push it in to the hole and around it..gently wipe away excess..i repeated this about 3 times until you can't see them anymore. 
It looks fantastic and i love it.


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