Hello little fella..

 Hello all , how are you today?
Its currently 0.3 here and chuffing cold. The snow is still here and i have icicles dangling from shed rooves and the porch. They look so pretty in the sun..but not one has melted away . Too flipping cold for that.
We have been having the heating on for an hour at at time to keep it cosy..to be honest any more that and it gets too warm and slightly unbearable. We put it on in the morning then just after lunch and finally about 8ish in the evening so its nice and warm for when the girls go to bed.
We don't do this every day thankfully but if we feel chilly ,we all wear jumpers, thick socks and slippers to combat the chill but at times it gets nippy so it goes on. We look at it this way..we pay for it on direct debit all year so i am darn well going to use it.
Anyway, its been a bit of  a slow week here..not much going on. Too snowy and icy to be in the garden and the house is all caught up with jobs at the moment. School has now ceased for half term and its going to be films and lazy mornings and late nights for us.
Three out of the 4 birthdays have been and gone just one more and then a reprieve for a while before it all starts again.
I have a birthday cake to make tomorrow and balloons to sort but it will be a lovely day. Hubby made bread and Hot Cross Buns this week. I love the smell but not the fruit in them unfortunately. I am making puddings for the week and also some Rock Buns and a few without fruit for Iris and me to enjoy.

On the home front i have been doing maintenance on my tumble drier..i cleaned it all out and hoovered the filters and condenser..gave it a real good clean ( not that it was dirty) i also did a hot wash with white vinegar in my washing machine. I hoovered all the filters on my dehumidifiers to keep them tip top. The big filters on my cooker hood got a good soak in hot soapy water , the hob and ovens got a darn good clean as well. The only thing that i struggle with is the glass door on the main oven. I cannot for the life of me get it sparkly clean. Anyone have any ideas on how to get it nice and clear.
I was a little disappointed this week..i ordered a huge box of Chocolate Chips..i use a lot in my baking and one packet just goes..so i bought a Kilo and had planned to keep them in the fridge so i could just grab a few to use, only the place i bought them from told me that it had been dispatched then on it' s way then to be told they were running late then the next day a message to say it was Undeliverable and a refund would be issued. O well, nevermind i will try again another time. If that is all i have to moan about in my life then i am doing great.
And then to brighten my day i saw this Little fella.

I have no idea where he came from or where he was planning on going but blimey he is early. He is quite big as well with those 2 little white eyes watching me. I left him alone he was still going when i left him.
I hope that everyone is good and staying safe.


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