Flowers , Cakes and Vases

 Hello everyone , how are you ?
It's been a bit quiet here. Hubby is still furloughed and Number 1 son is back at work and in shock at how many people are shopping without masks, Surely not all are exempt but if you ask they say they don't have the card on them. I am unsure if they think they can't pass it on or don't care if they do. Selfish is what they are.
Anyway back to my little sanctuary i call Home.
The loveliest surprise was a bunch of flowers from my daughter Fionna.
They totally brightened up my day and dining room table.
Take no notice of the rug in the background leaning against the bookcase. It was there for a reason.
Iris and i have been baking..she is really into it and enjoys it.
Chocolate brownies and a Cinnamon and grated apple cake.

I made scones which really came up well i was impressed with myself.

Somehow this would not fit in my tin so i had an afternoon treat with a nice cuppa. Delicious.
As my lovely man is furloughed he has extra time on his hands and has started a new hobby.

A beautiful Toadstool made from Applewood and a weed vase made from pine.
A different shaped weed vase..i think they are gorgeous .
I have had laundry out this week and it dried well which i was surprised at. Hopefully Spring is starting and the light is around the corner. I have plans for the garden and Fern has offered to help me design a corner that needs some TLC.
I need to get out and do some tidying up in the garden and front porch area..every leaf in the kingdom seems to get blown in and no matter how many i sweep away you can almost guarantee the minute i leave more will arrive.
My parents have had their first dose of dad was fine but my mum got a terrible headache and felt awful for a few days but like i say, i would rather have that than end up in hospital.
We had no internet for an entire day on Thursday and i liked it. No messages , no news , nothing , absolute bliss. The girls and i played board games and card games..such fun. I am going to institute a no internet day once a week. 
I have been painting wood in the afternoons..and now i am all painted out, so if anymore needs doing it can wait a day or 2..fed up of scraping paint out my nails and unfortunately the girls and i had a pamper session and did our nails. Bad timing on my part but it made us feel good.
I hope that you are all safe and well.
Take care folks.


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