Hello December


It's here folks.
Its the most wonderful time of the year and also the busiest.
There are decorations to hung and gifts to be wrapped, cards to be written and posted.
Mostly baking to be done..mince pies, cakes and all manner of goodies to be made in our kitchen.
I have already made a start on the decorations with my door wreath being put up the other day and then the Christmas Cushions being swapped over plus this morning i changed the table cloth and placemats for Christmas ones.
We spent this morning making Crackers and a box to keep them in..we also made some little ornaments with jam jars and glitter..the dreaded silver stuff.
I bought a Christmas Cracker kit and found novelties i had saved from last year..and who says me saving(hoarding) little bits isn't a good thing???

We covered a little box in wrapping paper and put a bow that we scrabbled together on it. Looks nice and festive.

These are so cute and after Christmas they will be dismantled and reused for other things.
Hopefully we will be having a very frugal and quiet Christmas..we are not inviting anyone around and we are not accepting invites.
It won't be that quiet as we have some very noisy children😂who are on a countdown for the Big Day.
In other news we have all been a bit poorly..terrible colds and temperatures but thankfully all on the mend now.
2 birthdays have been celebrated with ballons, decorations and a huge cake which if i do say so myself was gorgeous.
I have given away some books, i know be still my beating heart..but we have a lot of Christmas books for little ones and obviously my 2 are growing up , so i popped them on a free site and they were collected yesterday. It has freed up space on my bookcase which no doubt will be filled soon enough.
I have been shopping every 2 weeks so as to try and keep on budget and also use foodstuffs that need using up. I am emptying my freezer for Christmas foods and making some space for cakes and extra breads that we will be making.
Its all go here..school is still being done but with the girls now having  extra chores to do daily  and also cooking lessons with sewing lessons thrown in for Iris. Our daily walks are getting colourful ..the houses with  Christmas lights on is increasing and by Christams Eve i reckon just about every house will be lit up..it seems more and more folks are decorating outside this year not just the few who always do it.
We will be putting our decorations up on the 12th..we always have and no doubt always will.
Our lockdown ends tomorrow and we enter Tier 3..come on people what the fudge are you playing at..wear a mask FFS!!! Stop going to your mates for coffee and walking with 5 other folks to go to school..honestly it seems common sense is in short supply around here.
Anyway i hope that you are all ok and keeping safe.
take care


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