Christmas is just around the corner

 Hello all,how are you?

Now i am not going to moan about the Boris U-Turn or anything else going on. Today i am going to be all Christmassy and for the rest of the year as well. So if you want a moaner,  whinger, whiner then it is not here.
Life is here at Flowertot Mansion is going along great. Our Christmas is going to be obviously quieter than normal but i would rather it be quiet than passing a virus around.
So as its just the 5 of us for meals then the food situation is good. Which suits our budget at the moment.
We have our Turkey and all the homegrown veggies to go with it..i have not gone mad with extras but instead have continued to build up my pantry.
The decorations have gone up..we have 2 tree's. The girls have one to decorate how they wish and the other is mine.

It looks a bit blurry, my fault..i had to pop the flash on so it all showed up.

After all that decorating it was Operation Mince Pies..

This is all i have done this year, its more than enough for us. I am going to make our Chocolate Yule Log on Christmas Eve..the girls don't like Christmas Pudding so they have Yule Log. Hopefully it will look a little like this one.

We decided to wrap our presents this year in just plain brown paper..what a nightmare that stuff is. Firstly it was so stiff it felt like backing paper and for some reason it would not fold around the gifts.i have already apologised to everyone for the state of them. Honestly there is more tape and prayers holding them together than anything else. Secondly i have almost 10 metres of it left, it may just come in handy for schooling craft and art more than wrapping paper. It took us twice as long to wrap so next year it will be back to normal wrapping paper with no glitter so i can recycle it.

My lovely man is still furloughed and my son is at work. I think he is no longer shocked by people's  total lack of common sense and manners in shops. He is there to serve you , not be abused because you can't get what you want.
Money is tight but we can manage and that is that. We shall make the most of everything we have and enjoy what we do have as well.
Life is going to carry on as near normal as possible here..masks on everywhere we go and avoiding people at all times.
Just after the festivities we will sit down and work out budgets for the next year and also put together our Seed order and Seed Potato orders. This is something we look forward too..all the planning for Christmas is now coming to its peak and we relax and totally enjoy the fruits of our hardwork.
Everyone take care please and i will be back later in the week.
love to you all


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