It's starting to look a lot like Christmas

 Hello everyone , how are you ?

On our walk everyday we pass this particular house and the owner has been working for the last few weeks to decorate his house. I have spoken to him from a safe distance and found out that he is putting on a huge display to raise money for Grantham Hospice who cared for his Father and Wife when they were seriously ill. He is a lovely chap and just loves to see all the little ones enjoying the lights. And yes the Penguins are not that Christmassy but he has seen little ones get all excited when they see them , so they are now part of his wonderful display.
We went last night just after dark to get some amazing pictures and perhaps also advertise it.
He has a collection box for the Hospice which Iris put our donation in.
So if you live in my town please take your children or just yourself and donate to his cause.
Its at 2 Wentworth Drive in Grantham.

It looks so amazing and there are Christmas Carols playing in the background.
If you have time please pop along.
I did tell him i would put him on the blog as i think its a good cause and everyone needs cheering up.
take care all


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